One of Jason's photos
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One of Jason's photos
In Memory of Jason Johnson (1980 - 2000)

Part One of this site will focus on Jason and the spirituality of this situation. Though difficult to write it will help you understand both Jason and the grieving process when a child dies before the parent - an unnatural thing at best. Jason brought 19 3/4 years of joy to me - albeit with the trials and tribulations of a person maturing in today's society.

Part Two of this site contains the Estate's opinion with State and Court documents, research, and names will be named; wherein you will see that Old Bridge Township, Middlesex County and the State of New Jersey acted in consort with gross incompetence, indifference and finally in violation of New Jersey 2C Criminal Code and Rules of the Court. After you study the evidence we are sure you will agree.

Within these pages you will learn about a fine person, too short a life, acts of cowardess by the driver who killed him and horrific failures and illegalities of the New Jersey Criminal Justice System. Here you will see an American Tragedy.

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