One of Jason's photos
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One of Jason's photos
In Memory of Jason Johnson (1980 - 2000)

Friends and More

What becomes of friends and acquaintances, we never can be sure.

Some we encounter every day and some we see no more.

Jason's Dad has met with some of his friends over the years and is pleased that they are making progress in their lives. We all know that if Jason were here he would also be doing well.

The tears have stopped falling and we can return to the battle over just who makes the best french fries.

A link or two of those folks who wished to create a place of remembrance very soon after Jay's death:

Jessica and Matt, thanks for remembering Jay. Much love and good wishes go out to you. We here know that these links will one day cease to be updated as each will carry on with fond memories and the knowledge that Jay would want their lives to continue and to grow.

Feel welcome to email any links or sites you find relavent........................

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